2018 BMW M5 Rendering

Renderings are becoming more and more popular these days but, like most things in life, moderation wouldn’t hurt. The BMW M5 is a long way out, and until we even get to see it out testing, we need first to get a glimpse of the upcoming G30 5 Series.

We saw early prototypes of the car out testing but until 2017, we won’t know anything for sure. All we have to go on are sources and rumors. That didn’t stop the guys from DesignRM to put together a rendering, not of the standard 5er but the M5, mind you.

BMW M5 Rendering
BMW M5 Rendering

Yes, glory usually goes to those who dare but, those that rarely dare make it. This is, therefore, a failed rendering in our view mostly because it’s just made up of various elements from a variety of other cars.

The front end keeps the double slate kidney grilles of the current model but has new headlights along with an M3/M4 bumpers. The rest of the body remains the same, and only the back end is revised, ever so slightly.

That’s where we can notice a variation of the taillights used on the X6 M and a new take on the rear bumper that also resembles the one on the previously mentioned M3 and M4 models.

Other details we spotted are the xDrive badge on the boot as well as the spoiler and the blacked out roof. That last bit might point out to a CFRP roof as BMW wants to shed some serious weight on the future models by using the new material everywhere possible.

At the same time, the new M boss, Frank van Meele said that an all-wheel drive system will be offered but only as an optional feature. Furthermore, it will be rear-wheel drive biased, helping out mostly on launch.

That could imply a host of other changes as well. That’s because the 7-speed DCT gearbox used today in the M5 is not compatible with xDrive. Therefore, the AWD cars would probably have to use an 8-speed box if the engineers don’t develop a new one in the meantime.

There’s still a lot of paths to cover until we get to learn the answers to all these questions, however. The G30 5 Series is expected to be launched somewhere in late 2016, early 2017 and that leaves yet another year for the M version to come out. Therefore, don’t expect the new M5 to come out anytime sooner than 2018.

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