BMW F10 M5

Alpine White BMW M5 F10

Taking just one look at this car, you can tell the owner is a big fan of carbon fiber. Last week, EAS tuning house had the pleasure of installing a ton of cosmetic upgrades on this Alpine White F10 M5.



The parts from 3D Design and iND work together to create one pretty impressive package. Although it was raining, we managed to snap some photos of the car’s progress so far. The car is still waiting for some more parts to come in. Stay tuned for more coming soon!!


  • 3D Design Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
  • 3D Design Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • 3D Design Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
  • iND Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
  • iND Carbon Fiber Side Marker Grilles
  • iND Painted Kidney Grilles w/ M Tri-Color Stripes
  • iND Painted Trunk Badge

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