G POWER M3 GT 650hp

BMW G-POWER at the sport auto High Performance Days 2015

When a bunch of high performance cars meet it goes without saying that G-POWER has to be part of the show. Thus G-POWER has displayed the 650 hp strong G-POWER M3 GTS with supercharger system just like the 600 hp strong G-POWER M3 F80 with Bi-Tronik power upgrade.

One of the highlights and major attraction at the G-POWER booth, next to the electronic power output enhancement and the supercharger systems, has been the 21’’ HURRICANE RR forged wheels mounted on the G-POWER M3 F80. Forged from aircraft-grade aluminum, these ultra-light and very strong wheels, designed by CAD and optimized by FEA, are the lightest in their class, and lower the unsprung weight, for improved acceleration, handling and braking.

But it has not just been the displayed vehicles that have attracted the crowds at the G-POWER booth, but the G-POWER prize competition 2015 with prizes in total of about 7.000.- Euro, as well. In case you’ve missed it you can find the winning question in our G-POWER Flyer: DOWNLOAD

Good luck to you and we are looking forward to see everybody again at the next event with G-POWER participation.

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