BMW i3 Sound Design

With the BMW i3, the future of urban mobility begins today. The result is a radically innovative vehicle concept that forges new paths in propulsion, conception space and communication technology.

The Harman Kardon Surround Sound System for the BMW i3 applies the same innovative approach. Options for mobile music playback are redefined: energy efficient but powerful sound. Space-saving, yet space-filling. Clever details, sustainable materials for an inspiring musical experience. The result: 30% energy savings, 100 % emotion.

This is made possible through very close collaborative development work. Leading accoustic experts from Harman Kardon are part of the project team from the beginning and work together directly with the BMW engineers.

BMW i3 and Harman Kardon. A car that changes and a sound system that inspires – for vibrant life in the city.

Listening pleasure

Space and Time:

The interior of a car is the most important component of the audio system. The BMW i3 LifeDrive architecture creates a particularly spacious feel without a center tunnel. For this innovative interior design concept, the positioning and orientation of each speaker was analyzed and optimized in advance – for a spatially accurate playback of music, for treble without harshness, precise bass, prominent mid-tones.

Lightweight and Strong:

BMW engineers have invested a lot of time and new ideas in the topic of weight loss. Lighter is better, saving fuel and delivering more dynamics. A challenge for the Harman Kardon top acoustic experts. For example, the sub-woofer is extremely lightweight at 500 grams and requires only half as much energy for its impressive performance compared to conventional deep-bass speakers.

Small and Large:

The Heart of the BMW i3 is the most energy efficient, completely emission-free electric motor. The engine of the Harman Kardon sound system is the digital Class-D amplifier. Class-D amplifiers require only a few components, no power-hungry transformers and hardly produce any heat loss. Yet the compact powerhouse boasts huge reserve capacity for improved, real dynamics. Energy Savings System: All speakers feature excellent efficiency, which makes the Harman Kardon surround sound system exemplary at energy saving.

Quiet and Loud:

An electric vehicle is quiet, almost silent. Under these conditions, an audio system can really show what it can do – if the design is implemented completely. This is where the complex development efforts of the Harman Kardon top acoustic experts come to fruition. The musicians always play in the right place, voices sound natural, even the finest details can be heard, strong changes in dynamics have free reign.

Timeless and Trendsetting:

With the BMW i3, you are always stylishly mobile. The Harman Kardon surround sound system in the BMW i3 will impress with any music material. AC/DC and Mozart, Miles Davis and Rihanna. The music always plays perfectly, retaining its unique charm and character! With the BMW i3, you’ll discover your favorite music all over again.

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