BMW i8 vs. Angeles Crest Highway

Car and Driver magazine recently took the BMW i8  (Gallery 48 photos)on a road test through the famed Angeles Crest Highway, a nearby canyon road in the Los Angeles area. This is one of the slightly removed canyon areas that car enthusiasts go to blow off some steam and take in the joys of tight curves on the side of a cliff. On a good weekend you can see a nice collection of drivers’ cars going up and down this pass, especially BMWs. So why not the BMW i8….

You can follow the jump to read the full review, but C&D came away from the review with the following:

Like-priced sports cars can’t match the i8’s efficiency, nor do they offer the multiple personalities of the i8. You’d have to look to the Porsche 918 Spyder to find something analogous; while the Porsche far surpasses the performance of the i8, its carbon-fiber structure, hybrid drivetrain, and EV capability make it conceptually similar to this BMW. Think of the $148,250 i8 as the working rich man’s 918 Spyder. In L.A., that’s exactly what it will be.

Source: Car and Driver

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