BMW uses YouTube ads to reach video enthusiasts

German automaker BMW is reaching out to consumers during its holiday sales events with advertisements on YouTube’s desktop site, mobile site and mobile application.

The ad leaves consumers on BMW’s YouTube page with a video from the “Happier Holiday” campaign.  Reaching out to consumers with an ad that is synonymous with the platform will likely increase the viewer’s interest in the ad and result in more click-throughs for BMW.

bmw youtube

“Of course, anything short of video on YouTube would be a brand miss,” said Jeff Hasen, a Seattle-based mobile marketing strategist. “There isn’t anything unique about the content.”

Mr. Hasen is not affiliated with BMW, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

BMW was unable to comment by press deadline.

Video reach

When a consumer is already on YouTube, they are not necessarily looking for product reviews, but at videos from their favorite genres. When a brand chooses to advertise on the channel, a video ad is expected.

BMW’s ad placements left the video at the top of the screen in all three locations.

On the mobile Web site, the video is in a separate box above the suggested videos. Within the application, the video appears larger than the other ones on the homepage and on the desktop site the video is in the banner advertisement location on the top of the screen.

The top-of-the-page location on all three sites allows the brand to be in a spot where all viewers will witness the ad. With the video as front and center, interested viewers can click on it without having to leave YouTube.

Including a YouTube video ad on the platform makes clicking on the ad less intimidating for consumers and provides a space for the consumer to interact with the brand on their own accord.

Since the consumer is already logged onto YouTube, she does not have to leave the Web site or application to witness BMW’s ad.

Many people who are logging onto YouTube’s homepage do not necessarily have a specific video in mind and are looking at the suggestions on their homepage. BMW’s top placement above the suggestions places it in eyesight of the consumer.

Online views
Similar to other social media platforms, branded YouTube pages have the power to directly drive sales to ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar locations.

Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Burberry have all created YouTube pages that offer easy options to drive sales. Since social video is such a phenomenon in the luxury industry right now, sales via YouTube could be an easy way for luxury brands to use social media for monetary gain.

These brands have moved on from having a YouTube page to creating ads to direct consumers to the page, much like BMW and other brands as well.

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