BMW Z5 Coupe or Z6?

Amateur sketch but it shows the direction for Z5 Coupe or Z6?

The Z4 becomes the Z5 and will share with a Toyota as will a Z3 Both are RWD.
The engineering schematics for the Carbon intensive architecture is impressive. You are going to see so much for so little with the combined force of BMW and Toyota using all their resources available.


BMW wants to re-invent its Z series sports cars and make them as cutting edge and influential as the BMWi models by visual appearance and state of the art engineering to highlight a new BMW philosophy for sports cars.

Vision ConnectedDrive and 328 Homage concepts are the template for the visuals. Plans also include a slightly massaged three cylinder entirely unique and exclusive in the Z3 Mille Miglia mimicking the classic 328 to provide excellent dynamics using lightweight materials.

But since Toyota are using the joint architecture for a next gen GT86 based Sedan, its one idea under discussion in Munich, essentially a four dr Z model and potentially an SAV Z model. Nothing has come to light yet but it is a niche that BMW are investigating.

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