BMW i5/i7 to target Tesla Model S!

The rumormill churns out new info on the BMW i5. The long-time rumored midsize electric car has been mentioned before in the same sentence with he Tesla’s Model S, but has gone from an electric car to a hydrogen-based drivetrain several times. Now according to CAR, the i5 or i7, whichever name BMW will settle on, would arrive in 2018 and it’s known internally as the F18 PHEV project. Continue reading BMW i5/i7 to target Tesla Model S!

BMW i9 rendering

BMW fans are often known for their wild imagination when it comes to future cars and some of the most rendered vehicles of the future are the supercars.
BMW’s lack of a proper supercar since the almighty M1 has sparked a lot of conversations and debates over the years, and some of those were accompanied by car renderings, some more real than others. A BMW fan has decided to 3D render the rumored BMW i9.

BMW and Toyota develop Lexus LFA successor?!

The latest rumor launched by Australian Motoring publication claims that the result of their collaboration will be a successor to the current LFA.

Citing an unknown source within BMW and Toyota, the mag reports that a supercar project has already received the green light from both boards of directors and will enter into the development phase.

After more than two years, BMW and Toyota signed a partnership, and details of the agreement between the two companies were revealed along the way.

Beside the exchange of engines between them, BMW and Toyota are reportedly planning to work on a model shrouded in mystery.

A car model of this sort would enter a fierce competition with the Mercedes SLS AMG or the Honda NSX.