CONTINUE TO DRIVE. Music from a BMW cars

Composer Timothy Fairless makes a spellbinding piece of music using nothing but sounds recorded from three vehicles – a BMW 428i coupe, 520d sedan and X5 30d (see his full sample list below).

No musical instruments of any kind were used in the production of the soundtrack. Download it for free at…

This film was made by Gold Coast agency Zakazukha Marketing Communications for Motorline BMW at Daisy Hill.

writer + director: Sam Cleveland
composer: Timothy Fairless
DOP: Lincoln Williams
storyboard artist: David Russell
production: Fotomedia


428i coupe:
Door slam (ext)
Door close, seat belt adjust (int)
Indicator (int)
Centre console open (int)
Sunroof open (int)
Sunroof switch (int)
Handbrake (int)
Boot pop (ext)
Bonnet hit (ext)

520d sedan:
Voice control responses – words & tones (int)
Seat belt set & latch (int)
CD eject (int)
Seat belt warning chime (int)
Dashboard switches (int)
Door slam (ext)

X5 30d:
Engine start (ext)
Tailgate close (ext)
Tailgate close (int)
Seat belt warning chime (int)

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