Details of avant-garde BMW 1 Series Sport Cross / XCite emerge

BMW intends to break into yet another segment when it brings the 1 Series Sport Cross (a possible likely name) to market in 2018, according to Automobile.

What is it? It’s been referred to as the “XCite” and carries an internal designation of NEC (New Entry Crossover). It’s basically a tweener vehicle the likes of the Nissan Juke and Citroen C4 Cactus Evoque – not quite 1 Series and not quite X1.

xcite bmw

As for looks? The design is reportedly still being finalized, but the proposals are supposedly progressive and polarizing. And “according to a senior BMW engineer, it will look as different from the X1 as the Range Rover Evoque does from the Freelander/LR2.” Expect it to be an avant-garde design.

An internal paper lists a variety of the XCite’s attributes: avant-garde, different, urban, unconventional, young, aggressive, wide, low, courageous, anti-establishment, consciously compromised, disrespectful, sensitive, and sensible. Sounds like it won’t be your typical small crossover, but one that tries to appeal to buyers looking for more style and flair than your average mini soccer mom vehicle.

More impressions of the BMW Xcite. A more visual crossover than the typical X model.

The exterior and interior design will also be different from today’s BMW lineup.

It’s a segment that is going to increase over the next few few years.

Although BMW’s design freeze is still several months away, most proposals are quite progressive and polarising visually. The styling is sharp, solid but very youthful.

Designs presented feature a wider track and stance. A more compact greenhouse on top of a more defined than usual body than normal X models.
A long nose, long roof with optional full length panoramic roof and a edgy mix of M Sport and X-line packet styling aerodynamic elements.

XCite will be available with three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and with six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.
Xcite will also be offered with eDrive plug-in Hybrid. [Source: AMS]

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