Second-Generation od BMW 3-Series Hybrid Due to Arrive in 2022

With the 2016 BMW 3-Series Hybrid already to reach showrooms next year, the premium German carmaker is already planning to introduce a second generation of the 3-Series Hybrid in 2022.

The news have not been yet confirmed by BMW, but according to some recent reports from Autocar, the 2022 BMW 3-Series Hybrid is announced to come with some revolutionary features that would definitely set the paces in the future of the auto industry.

Innovation will be first noticed in the car`s body style and aerodynamics, which will be closely related to innovative technology that will allow the car to watch over the driver in bad weather conditions or other road conditions. More than that, the aerodynamics of the car will also suffer some changes, like a high-tech suspension that will improve the driving process.

The 2022 BMW 3-Series Hybrid would come with platforms made of aluminum, composites and steel in different parts of the body. The materials will prove its efficiency and will increase the performance of the model.


Speaking about performance, the second-gen 3-Series Hybrid will also bare some radical changes, as the conventional powertrains will make way for full electric motors, while the huge battery pack will act as a generator for the front-wheel electric motor.

But BMW has yet a lot to offer in terms of details on the 2022 BMW 3-Series Hybrid, so stay tuned and read on our latest information on BMW.

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