The Epic BMW Driftmob Stunt Video

So the new BMW M235i Coupé is meant to be pretty good… And we haven’t seen a Flashmob is a while… So how about a Flashmob of BMW’s? Ok, then name it ‘Driftmob’ so it’s something completely new. Then take five BMW M235i Coupés to the city streets in Cape Town, convert an urban roundabout into a film set − with five of the world’s best and most experienced stunt-drivers behind the wheel, and under the expert guidance of Hollywood director Mic Rodgers “The Fast and the Furious”… to crate a pretty epic video like this.

5 million views and counting in the first 72 hours. I kind of question the authenticity of the audience on the street, but apart from that. It’s pretty cool. Created by Interone, Germany.

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