Two Cheapest BMW V12!

We had a trawl through the classifieds to discover the cheapest BMW V12-powered cars on the used market. Which tempts you the most?

1. BMW E38 750i


We love the E38 7-series. There’s something incredibly mean about the way it carries itself, and we’d have a V8-powered 740i in a heartbeat. But, its 12-cylinder 750i cousin is also pretty damn tempting, with a 5.0-litre 300bhp engine under the hood. It’s BMW’s ‘M73’ V12, an evolution of which – the S70/2 – powered the mighty McLaren F1.

BMW 750i prices start at about €1,800 on AutoScout.

2. BMW 850i/ci


Want that same V12 in a more stylish package? Take a look at the 850i (later badged 850ci). Arguably one of the prettiest BMWs ever built, it’s more of a brisk GT than out-and-out sports car, but we still would. Oh, and it has pop-up headlights.

Prices start at around €4,900, or if you want to go for the 375bhp 850CSI – an M Car in all but name – you’ll need well over £15,000.

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