Visual Comparison: BMW X6 vs. Mercedes GLE Coupe

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé 450 AMG Sport is basically an new ML Coupé.

However Mercedes whole SUV range is being renamed into GL + final letter indicating the lineup hierarchy:

  • GLA
  • GLC (next GLK)
  • GLE (next ML)
  • GLS (next GL) …

This vehicle is the coupé derivative of the ML = GLE, which is the E-Class level SUV (just like the X5 is the 5 Series level SUV). And since Mercedes does not anymore distinctly name its coupé derivatives (e.g. CL became S Coupé), this is simply called GLE Coupé (unlike X6 which is not called X5 Coupé).

So it’s definitely an BMW X6 competitor!

Image source: NetCarshow

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